Convert Excel to CSV

CSV is a common data exchange format. It is so widely used that it’s hard to point an industry where CSV hasn’t find a place already. The same is true for Microsoft Excel formats. Now, here is the problem: you can convert any Excel document to CSV using the Excel itself. But what if you have only the document, but not Excel? How to convert Excel files to CSV then?

Advanced XLS Converter is extremely affordable and simple tool that transfers data from your Excel spreadsheet to a simple CSV file with little or no configuration, adjustment or setup. You simply run the program, pick a file, select columns and apply filters to the data. In a moment, you can grab your ready to use CSV file holding the entire contents of the source Excel document.

Process multiple Excel documents to CSV

Dealing with one Excel file is easy even without a specialized tool. Processing dozens or even hundreds of XLS or XLSX files to bulk convert Excel to CSV is the whole different story. Sounds like your situation? Take Advanced XLS Converter and convert any number of Excel files in a folder to corresponding CSV documents. In fact, with Advanced XLS Converter you can equally easy deal with one, ten or a hundred Excel spreadsheets. Specify a folder with the source documents and a source where the resulting CSV files should be written. That’s it!

Why Advanced XLS Converter?

Converting Excel files to comma separated values with Advanced XLS Converter is a preferable way to do the job thanks to the fast-paced conversion engine, extremely simple user interface and batch processing capabilities of the tool. And if you need to put out unnecessary columns or records before exporting, Advanced XLS Converter provides both advanced filtering and custom masks to do this in the easiest way.

Finally, the tool doesn’t need any third-party libraries or Microsoft Office to successfully convert Excel documents to CSV. It works completely standalone.

Excel to CSV conversion via command line

xlscnv.exe mytable.xlsx myfile.csv [/SEP | /COLUMNS | /COLUMNSLIST | /REVERSE | /FILTER]

Simple Excel to CSV conversion

"c:\Program Files\Advanced XLS Converter\xlscnv.exe" mytable.xlsx out.csv

Convert with pipe as delimiter

"c:\Program Files\Advanced XLS Converter\xlscnv.exe" table.xlsx out.csv /SEPPIPE

Convert folder with Excel files

"c:\Program Files\Advanced XLS Converter\xlscnv.exe" d:\base\*.xlsx d:\out\ /TOCSV


Updated Tue, 25 May 2021

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